FilmCounter Brand new social entertainment platform for proven & upcoming artists, filmmakers, art lovers and businesses. Entertainment by design!

What is FilmCounter ?

FilmCounter is a brand new social entertainment platform focused on building a strong and flourishing ecosystem for both proven and upcoming artists, art creators, art lovers and businesses. On FilmCounter, users are encouraged to share their experiences, reviews and opinions about movies, web series, tv shows or any other artistic creation in different formats such as writing an article, uploading photos or videos, conducting polls and many more. In short, FilmCounter enables users to share legitimate fun content in all formats – short videos, any length videos, photos, gif, audio, file sharing, blogging, participate in fun contests, movie quizzes and find artist opportunities & auditions.

Users can share anything (that is legitimate and do not hurt sentiments of others) about the entertainment content they read, listen and watch every day on different OTT plartforms, TV channels, radio / FM stations, newspapers & novels. Especially about the movies, web series, tv shows, documentaries, short-films, songs & music, books & novels, and ask for or share their content recommendations to others, create similar content and share with others, discover more interesting content and connect with like-minded users to continue the celebration of the joy of Art by creating groups, pages, blogging, forums.

Our Vision

Inspired by the Shakespeare’s quote “All the world's a stage”, FilmCounter is built to serve as a stage for recording and preserving different forms of Art, both ancient and modern, – acting, dancing, singing, folk art, fine arts from anybody and everybody across the globe. We believe that everybody has their own style of expressing and appreciating the Art and so we strongly encourage everybody to come together on this platform for showcasing your natural abilities and spread the joy of living in an unprecedented manner.

FilmCounter is on a mission to redefine the purpose and reimagine the operating model of a social media platform because we believe that social media platforms should strive for building a secure and prosperous society and certainly should not run after profits at the cost of exploiting users' data. We also believe that the ultimate beneficiaries of any social media platform should be the users and the businesses but not just the platform alone. Therefore, our business model is built with users at the core and our thought leadership in quality advertising will help realize this mission by creating a win-win situation for the users and the businesses.

Our Values

FilmCounter is founded on the following five principles that are core part of our DNA. These principles are inspired from our vision to redefine and reimagine the operating model of a social media platform. We believe in doing the things in a right and respectful way.
1. Business Integrity
2. Trust and Transparency
3. Prefer human values over profits
4. Build a respectful business
5. Defeat poverty and Give back to society

Yes, we are different !

We do not want to be just another social media platform that profits from user data by hurting user privacy. At FilmCounter, user trust and privacy comes first. Our innovative operating model benefits the users of the platform (both individuals and businesses) in an unprecedented way unlike any other such platforms. We believe in inclusive growth, and so we respect and appreciate the time spent by the individuals and businesses on the platform by offering an optimal and consensual advertising solution.

Our vision and values differentiate us fundamentally from the other social media platforms. We prefer human values over profits because human values matter for building a respectful and prosperous societies and businesses. At FilmCounter, we strive for a right balance between content moderation and freedom of expression. Nonetheless, we condemn all forms of hate speech or abusive content, stop spreading fake news and provide traceability to the user account level where such prohibited content got posted. We would also suspend such user accounts and initiate legal action against those where the guidelines are repeatedly violated. We strongly recommend the users to adhere to our platform guidelines / Terms of Use and be cognizant of others’ feelings while sharing any content on the platform. Remember, FilmCounter is a platform built for everybody to showcase thier perception of Art and express the Joy of Art for a finer living!