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FilmCounter for Businesses

For businesses, FilmCounter acts as a customer connect and measurement platform. We help businesses achieve their goals of new customer acquisitions, finding high quality leads & prospecting, building customer loyalty and trust. No more creepy and unsolicited Ads !

Our sales experts at FilmCounter would love to advice you with optimal ways of winning prospects, engaging existing customers, measuring brand affinity and perception by closing the loop. We offer consutling services in quality advertising that help you run data-driven marketing campaigns on FilmCounter. Contact Us for more guidance.

FilmCounter for Entertainment Businesses

FilmCounter provides a unique space for all entertainment businesses like TV Channels, OTT platforms, Production Houses, Film Training Institutes, Acting schools, print media and related businesses to promote their original content and brand. Filmmakers, creators, artists can create specially designed and customized screens on FilmCounter to stay connected with their fans and audience and understand what type of content / genre is being appreciated and resonated the most with them, what content do the users like to watch more often so that they can create and promote such entertainment content be it movies, web series, tv shows, short films, documentaries etc. Contact Us for more guidance.

FilmCounter for other Businesses

FilmCounter enables businesses to discover relevant opportunities for promoting their brand and products / services to the users on-demand without hurting the user privacy. On FilmCounter businesses can learn not just about acquiring new customers but also how to win customers’ trust and where to optimize the marketing spend by deriving ROI insights. For example, FilmCounter helps businesses to answer the questions such as,
  • Which entertainment content should they be sponsoring for higher ROI and brand safety?
  • How effective is their effort in translating the product positioning to an Ad concept? Do the users like your Ad concept or is it just turning them away from your brand?
  • Is it worth spending millions for a celebrity when that doesn’t really influence the buyers’ and customers’ affinity for your brand? Instead, how about passing on the buck to the Ad viewers and customers directly?
  • When, how, where and whom should they target for different campaign goals such as brand awareness, store visits, renewals etc. Contact Us for more guidance.

Yes, we are different !

We do not want to be just another social media platform that profits from user data by hurting user privacy. At FilmCounter, user trust and privacy comes first. Our innovative operating model benefits the users of the platform (both individuals and businesses) in an unprecedented way unlike any other such platforms. We believe in inclusive growth, and so we respect and appreciate the time spent by the individuals and businesses on the platform by offering an optimal and consensual advertising solution.

Our Vision and Values differentiate us fundamentally from the other social media platforms. We prefer human values over profits because human values matter for building a respectful and prosperous societies and businesses. At FilmCounter, we strive for a right balance between content moderation and freedom of expression. Nonetheless, we condemn all forms of hate speech or abusive content, stop spreading fake news and provide traceability to the user account level where such prohibited content got posted. We would also suspend such user accounts and initiate legal action against those where the guidelines are repeatedly violated. We strongly recommend the users to adhere to our platform guidelines / Terms of Use and be cognizant of others’ feelings while sharing any content on the platform. Remember, FilmCounter is a platform built for everybody to showcase thier perception of Art and express the Joy of Art for a finer living!

Our business model is built with users at the core and our thought leadership in quality advertising will help realize this mission by creating a win-win situation to the users and the businesses.