2003 | | Hindi | 181 mins | Romance, Drama
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Baghban is one of the most fabulous movies I have seen in my entire life. I just love this movie. I have watched it 4 to 5 times. You can never get bored while watching it. Amitabh sir and Hema Malini look so loving together. They as a couple are my favorite jodi. They are simply outstanding throughout the movie. When I watch this movie, I never get distracted for a second and the emotions are like I am living it. It's a heart-touching movie.
The story is so real. It shows the husband-wife bonding and how badly their kids treat them. While the other boy, whom they have helped, loves them and considers them as his god. The movie conveys a thought-provoking message to the youth. People who help you during your initial steps are left alone during their last steps. why can't we just hold their hands just like they hold our hands while we learn to take steps?
It's a must-watch movie.