Super 30
2019 | U | Hindi | 154 min | Drama, Biography
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Super 30 is a fantastic film. Brilliant performance by Hritik Roshan. The movie is about an ace Mathematics teacher Anand Kumar receives a gold medal from the local minister for his brilliance. He also gets a call from the Cambridge university for further studies there. But being a son of a postman, who will finance him?
One certain day, he remembered his father's words "Raja ka beta hi Raja kyu Banega, ab Raja wo Banega jo Haqdar Hoga". These words shift the movie entirely.
Hrithik has appeared in a tanned look, wearing shabby clothes, more beard- small city kind of poor look. Mrunal Thakur looks lovely as his girlfriend. Pankaj Tripathi perfectly played a corrupt minister. CID wala Abhijeet, Aditya Shrivastava, playing the CEO of reputed coaching classes and plays games against Anand Kumar. He nailed it. A beautiful watch that moistens you at the end