Learning Films | 12 months ago

Movie Review - The Incredible Hulk

Marvel Studios has released their second film of 2008, and while not as highly anticipated as Iron Man, there is a lot of buzz surround The Incredible Hulk.


Marvel has decided to reboot the Hulk franchise, ignoring Ang Lee's Hulk movie which was not well received at all. This time around, Louis Leterrier (The Transporter 1 and 2) is at the helm, and there is much more action as a result.

This film is very much an homage to the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferigno TV series from the 1980s. Many images in the film are straight out of the show, as well as the Hulk's origin. Even the theme music makes an appearance. But there are also a lot of comic book references as well, including the Mr. Green/Mr. Blue exchange from Bruce Jones' "Return of the Monster" storyline, and cameos by some familiar comic characters.

Banner is in hiding after his first Hulk-out, where he nearly killed his girlfriend, Betty, and her father, General Thunderbolt Ross. But he's slipped up, and now the General is closing in, which gives the movie a Fugitive-type feel. To help hunt Banner down, General Ross assembles a team of specialists, including Emil Blonksy, a life-long soldier who loves a challenge. After Blonsky sees the Hulk first hand, he wants to do whatever it takes to bring him down, including being injected with the Super Soldier Serum (hinting at the upcoming Captain America film). This gives him enhanced strength and speed, but it's not enough for Blonsky. So he's infused with some of Banner's blood and becomes the Abomination, and monster bigger and badder than the Hulk. This sets up the film's final confrontation between the two monsters.