Hero 2015
2015 | UA | Hindi | 145 minutes | Action, Romance
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Hero is a purely entertaining movie. The movie encompasses all a Bollywood movie must have particularly the masala and the tadka. The movie contains action, drama, romance, humor, and dance. I love the songs and music. You can not ignore the beautifully composed music and the background in the movie.
Both the lead actors Sooraj and Athiya appear to be good actors. and fabulous dancers. I felt that Athiya could have done even better if had given much better. But the fact is it was her debut movie, keeping that in mind she was pretty good.
I loved the plot of the movie. The storyline has been written in a contemporary style of the old Hero movie with perfect punches and focuses entirely on the storyline.
According to me, the dance and some instances are commendable in the movie. Watchable film.