Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran
2018 | UA | Hindi | 129 minutes | Action, Drama
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PARMANU: THE STORY OF POKHRAN is a mind-blowing movie. A great thriller that tells you the story of one of the initial Nuclear Tests executed by India. The movie is the perfect blend of facts, and fiction with a balanced amount of drama. It not just remains true to the event but also makes sure that those who didn't know about it would be able to experience it in a great way.
PARMANU is a very well-scripted film. It has thrills, drama, and some fabulous action. Everything is balanced so perfectly that I felt it couldn't get any better than this. There's almost no drawback to find and the lack of songs ensures that a wider audience embraces the film.
John Abraham is outstanding in this film. He plays a different kind of impressive role,s especially in the climax and an action sequence in the second half. For me, it's a must-watch as an entertainer and as an informative narration about our nation's nuclear induction.