Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi
2019 | UA | Hindi | 148 min | Action, Drama, Biography
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Manikarnika: the queen of Jhansi, is an epic movie. Honestly, It left me speechless. I am a fan of Kangna, I love her and her work as well. She is brilliant. She has done complete justice to the role of legendary Rani Luxmibai. It seems like she was breathing and living the legendary figure. I would say that every character in the movie has depicted and acted amazingly but Kangna brings the passion, gut-wrenching and heart-wrenching patriotic feel. Her intense eyes and the heaviness in her voice do absolute justice to the burning desire for freedom. Kangana's performance goes a full arc starting from an innocent, brave teenager to a wife, lover, mother, and freedom warrior. She nailed it with her enthusiasm and her expressions.
One can not take off their eyes from the screen in the second half especially. war sequences keep your heart pumping. Guaranteed goosebumps throughout the second half of the movie. A definite must-watch movie.