Delhi Belly
2011 | Hindi | 103 mins | Comedy, Action
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Delhi Belly is among some Amazingly refreshing movies. A hilarious movie of three lead actors Imran Khan, Vir Das, and Kunal Roy Kapoor who have rendered crisp and flawless performances. Vijay Raj is amusing as a droll villain. Be warned of foul language in the movie. Everybody has done a superb job. Good music, and hilarious dialogues.
I would say it's a mature action comedy meant for adults only and here the fun just begins. Protagonists live their lives in the most hilarious ways but when they get caught into an unimagined plot, you see a lot more humor as well as action. Well, it's not a life-changing or thought-provoking drama, but still entertaining enough. The comedy scenes will definitely tickle your ribs.
The movie is quite different from ordinary Bollywood films. The story will definitely not blow your mind but it's decent enough to get comedy flowing.