2018 | UA | Hindi | 140 mins | Action, Thriller
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Raazi is an absolutely Stunning Spy Thriller. An amazing masterpiece from Meghna Gulzar, not like typical spy movies. It refrains from showing Indo-Pak animosity in black and white but showcases things with more realism, where the enemy is shown not just as a monster but as a human being with feelings and emotions. The story is gripping right from the beginning and nowhere does the movie loses its pace. Dialogues are very carefully thought out and will make you think more than what is said. Alia drives yet another women-centric movie so beautifully that makes you feel it with realism. A movie dedicated to the unsung heroes who sacrifice their love, family and almost everything for the sake of the nation. The movie drives on powerful content and is stitched with strong performances from beginning to the end by Alia Bhatt and the ensemble cast. No masala, no exaggeration, A movie worth watching.