Race 2
2013 | UA | Hindi | 145 minutes |
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Another modern masterpiece from the directer-duo Abbas-Mustan. I like the movie and I would not call it the best thriller. Great story, cool dialogues and a classic robbery. I like the fight, argument and nok-jhonk scenes between the star cast but the last fight was heartbreaking. The story is technical and full of climax but I think many of people would love it. Superb acting by Saif Ali Khan, John Abraham and Anil Kapoor. Amisha Patel was fun. John Abraham's acting was the best in this movie as he played his villain role very well. Also, the action sequence is great but Race 1 action was much better. This movie's thriller is good but the story or plot is not so good. 1st half scene was the best and 2nd half scene becomes a little sad. This movie is literally full of suspense and a popcorn entertainer for sure!