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Ramoji Film City

The spot for the ultimate fun, entertainment, magic, place where dream meets reality is Ramoji Film City. The place offers the unlimited fun, thrill and excitement which is having the great extravaganza and excitement.


Traveling to Ramoji Film City gives the marvelous experience to travel the lavish green gardens, splendid movie sets, amazing attractions, mesmerizing entertainment shows, delicious food, wonderful shopping, warm hospitality and glamor and glitz of the silver screen. Therefore, the film city is the ultimate tourist destination for the entire family.

Gardens and Fountains

The site of the Ramoji Film City offers the breathtaking views of gardens and fountains which offers the exotic flora. The beauty of the gardens and fountains leaves the traveler speechless. Every moment that is spent in the garden and fountain of the film city is soothing and refreshing. The beauty of the garden has been complimented with the marvelous fountains captivates the travelers to its beauty.

Shangri- La

Shangri- la is the exclusive nursery which is having the exotic flowers, plants and shrubs. The place is the paradise of flowers soothes the senses and soul of traveler with its aroma and fragrance. If the traveler is the nature lover Shangri- La is the best place where the person should be. The Shangri- La is also the place where one can also create the customized floral designs for any unique event of any occasion.

Fun and Play Areas:

There are incredible variety of the fun attractions that brings smile to every one's face in the family.

Fundustan: is the magnificent way for the merriment, magic and marvel. The Fundustan is an island where the people start to feel childlike. The play area has been created with the ultimated fun and pleasure where a traveler shares their passion, fun and excitement. Kids in Fundustan is having the unlimited opportunity as they finds the way to tumble, slide, crawl and climb with the ultimate fun.

Thrillville: is the ultimate thrill zone which offers the exciting rides for the children and people from all age groups. The thrilling trip takes to live the fun moments with the ranger, super jet, striking cars, break dancer and twister.

Deli Express (Train Restaurant): The inspiring train ride has been established for the kids. The restaurant [out] in a train is the fabulous adventure and with exotic land and it also serves as the restaurant with the delicious food and choicest goodies.