2021 | | Malayalam | 161 mins | Family, Drama
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Movie 'Home' is a lovely family drama directed by Rojin Thomas. This movie promises a heart warming experience. Indrans as Oliver Twist played a wonderful role, he again proven that he is a fine actor. In a short flash back film shows the courage of Oliver Twist. But somehow he is struggling to connect with his sons. His elder son Antony (Sreenath Bhasi) a, writer-director caught in a rut after his successful debut film. His younger son Charles (Naslan.N.Gafoor) is a typical youth representation. Oliver's wife Kuttyamma (Manju Pilla) understands her husband and sons very well. But sometimes she really struggles with household. Movie also depicts the struggles of older generation people to cope with modern technologies. Here Indrans is trying to mingle with modern technologies and lot of problems were made unknowingly. This made Antony angry and whole family became stressed. Film is trying to say too many things, from mental health to smartphone addiction, which contribute to the runtime of 160 minutes. Humour also included very well. Nalsan managed his humour part very well. The script also treat the relationship between Antony and Priya, which is toxic in both ways. Heart touching songs are the another attractive factor of this movie. This film received widespread critical acclaim for its screenplay, performance of the main cast and the theme. 'Home' is a must -watch entertainer.