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Agent H (New Men in Black: International)

Agent H is smart and witty and does things that are out of the box. He doesn't abide by the rules. Even though his way of doing things are not liked by everyone, they still support him because he gets the results.
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Amy antsler (Booksmart)
Amy grew up with her best friend Molly Davidson. She likes to be organized and doesn't want to step out of her comfort zone.

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Amanda Woods (The holiday)

Amanda lives in Los Angeles and owns a successful company who produces movie trailers. She is tired from work but still shows warmth to people. She is a kind and funny woman and shows compassion.
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Sabina Wilson (Charlie's Angeles)
Sabina is known as a tough, extremely capable angel. Sabina is profoundly kind and empathic, particularly for her friends, despite being unrestricted and cavalier at times. Sabina thinks she's annoying because she doesn't have the "filter" that most people have.
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Mark Watney (The Martian)
Mark lives on mars. Mark is intelligent, resourceful and optimistic. Mark has a great sense of humor and loves listening to 70s music. He is also very innovative.
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